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4 Best File Sharing Apps like Shareit (SHAREit Alternatives)

Read this page to find out which are the best file sharing apps available in 2018. These apps work just like shareit but they have some extra features which shareit doesn’t have. Check the 4 best shareit alternative apps.

With almost every second person owning a smartphone, it is important to have a bridge using which data can be transferred from one device to another. One such app, which supports a high-speed transfer of files from device to another is ‘SHAREit.’ Millions of people use this app to share movies, songs, images from one smartphone to another. The developers of SHAREit claim that it can provide with transfer speed as high as 20Mbps. Some of the reasons behind the popularity of SHAREit include no size restriction, can send almost every format, provides a video and audio player, etc. Shareit app is availble for pc too, one can download shareit for pc from here and shareit apk from the official website.

However, SHAREit is not the only app which can be used for sharing files between two devices. There are several other apps with similar or even better features than SHAREit. Thus, we have created a list of all the alternatives of SHAREit which can be used by people on their smartphones to share files.

Best Alternatives to SHAREit are

#1 Xender

xenderThis is one of the best alternatives for SHAREit. Xender is compatible with Android, iOS, Tizen, Windows, PC and Mac. One can download xender app from official website and download xender for pc from here. Also, it supports cross-platform sharing which allows its users to share files between different devices having operating systems. Some of the fascinating features of Xender are:

1. It has Hungama integrated into it, which you can use to play, download and share music files.

2. You do not need an internet connection to use this app. It is entirely free of cost.

3. It has a File Manager which can be used to manage the files present on your device.

4. It supports a number of languages such as English, Arabic, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, German, Portuguese, Spanish, French, etc.

#2 SuperBeam

superbeamThis is another trusted app which can be used for sharing files between two devices. SuperBeam used the easiest and the fastest method to share large files. People have this app on their devices due to the following features:

1. You can pair devices either by NFC or by QR code scanning.

2. It provides with themes of light, dark and AMOLED colour which makes it very attractive.

3. Fast transfer speed due to WiFi direct sharing.

4. The intuitive user-interface makes it highly user-friendly and attractive.

#3 Zapya

zapyaNumerous people have resorted to this app for sharing files between two devices. This is because it is easy to use and supports various languages! Also, it can run on various platforms such as Androids, iPhones, Tizen, PCs, and Mac computers. Some of the worth mentioning features of Zapya are:

1. Using Zapya, you can backup and transfer files from your old device phone to your new device.

2. Files from any format can be sent directly to a group containing many devices. Using group sharing, you can connect up to 4 devices concurrently!

3. You can generate a personalized QR code which you can use to scan and share files from your device to another.

4. It supports a number of languages such as English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, etc.

#4 Send Anywhere

sendanywhereLast, but not the least, Send Anywhere is another amazing file sharing app which one can use! You can send original files using ‘Send Anywhere’ on your device. Also, sharing file without an internet connection is also possible. Some of the features of ‘Send Anywhere’ are:

1. You can make use of a 4-digit key or a QR code to share your files.

2. It uses WiFi direct to share files between two devices.

3. Files can be sent at any instant. These files can be photos, videos, music, etc.

These were some of the best alternatives to SHAREit. You can try them out and know which one suits you the best. If we have missed out on any such SHAREit alternative then, tell us about it in the comments section below.

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